Web Design for British Expats

A new specially developed service

Highpoint Media are working with fellow Britons who have set up businesses abroad. We have set up a whole new department that provides a unique service specially tailored to British expatriates living and working in Spain and Portgual.

Our approach

We are careful to take a sensitive approach to all overseas work. We are well aware of the cultural differences between Spain, Portugal and the UK, and this is reflected in all our projects. Our European relations manager is a British expatriate himself and he is actively involved in the development, quality control and delivery of all our overseas projects.

Language translation

We are fully set up to provide multilingual websites. We are closely partnered with a local, highly experienced lingual translation company who handle all our translation work along with the inputting.

We ensure that search engines will correctly index each lingual version of your site; for example, if someone was searching for, "Villa privada en Alicante", we would encourage the search engines to display the Spanish version of your site.

Customers are welcome to supply their own translated content, which will certainly help to keep our costs down.

Why use Highpoint Media?

We have set up this service as a result of the outcry from British expats who have been left bitterly disappointed and often out of pocket by local web designers. Of course, we accept there are some good local web designers out there who provide equally good after-sales support; however, this has not been the experience of every expatriate.

Highpoint Media will provide you with a full service, which consists of:

  1. Bespoke, responsive website design which will rival your competitors;
  2. Full multilingual translation service;
  3. Reliable website hosting and the provision of e-mail accounts;
  4. Ongoing support for the maintenance and further development of your website.

Pricing and billing

Our prices are competitive, even with local web designers. However, as all our work is bespoke (and no two websites are the same), we prefer to quote for each project individually. Please e-mail us with the details of your project, and we will be delighted to discuss a way forward and provide you with a quotation.

We are happy to quote and invoice our expat clients in Euros. Generally, our payment terms are as follows:

  • 1st Payment: 50% of the website design fee up front
  • 2nd Payment: remaining 50% upon completion (before going live), along with the first year's hosting & basic maintenance fee.

Our yearly hosting & basic maintenance fee is £195.00. This includes the hosting of your website and up to five e-mail accounts, plus two hours of maintenance (collectively) throughout the year.

Photo by Attila Surányi on Unsplash.
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