Welcome to our new website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. We hope you will find it a much more enjoyable experience for browsing. Here are some of the additional features which our new website provides:


Our new website is fully mobile-friendly, providing optimised display for smartphones, tablets and PC's alike.

Blog comments

We now welcome you to post your comments on the blog articles which we post. Of course the comments will have to be moderated before they go live, but as long as they're kept clean there shouldn't be a problem!

Improved design and accessibility

Our new website is approximately 10% wider. Our previous website was launched in 2009 and screens were generally much smaller then. We've also made everything easier to find:

  • The Blog has a search feature.
  • Clear call to action on every page.
  • Introduction of dropdown menus in the primary navigation allowing every page on our website to be accessible in just one or two clicks.
  • Geo-targeting - creating bespoke landing pages for all the local towns and cities.
  • We've also added a link to our Google+ page.


Upcoming plans

  • Creation of a Pinterest and Instagram page to showcase our designs.
  • We are going to be launching an online portfolio to showcase our logo designs and printed designs.
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