Backlinks - quality, not quantity

Backlinking involves having links from other web pages coming into your website. It is an important part of improving web ranking and driving traffic to your site. However, in order to be effective, link-building must be properly managed using only high quality, relveant backlinks.

Quality Backlinks

An effective link building strategy should focus on quality, not quantity. So only build backlinks to sites that are reputable and in good standing with search engines. Good sources for backlinks include web directories connected to your business niche, social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, authority blogging websites related to your business, article directories, and complementary business websites.

Google and Backlinks

The best quality backlinks are relevant, add value, and are organic. If you have any doubt about the quality of a link, simply ask yourself ... “If Google didn't exist; would I still want this backlink?" Having organic backlinks is an indication that you have great content and products/services, so you don’t have to be concerned about Google rankings, traffic will find its way to you.

Organic backlinks are usually the result of someone else recognizing the quality of your website and creating a link, without you influencing their decision. Those are the type of links you want, because they will drive targeted traffic to your website, and make you more visible in your niche market.

Backlinking and SEO

Google’s ever-changing algorithm has caused many people in the industry to ask, “Is link building still necessary for successful SEO?" Yes it is! Link building remains an important element in any successful SEO strategy. However there has been a shift away from using keyword based backlinks, to using branded backlinks. Branded backlinking uses a company’s name or brand as the anchor text, and is considered a safer strategy, because it reduces the likelihood of a Google penalty.

Based on the foregoing, it’s obvious that quality backing is still an important tool, but it needs to be managed prudently.

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