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We're proud to present our latest web design creation,; a new football news website exclusively dedicated to northwest clubs.

The concept was brought about by two football enthusiasts Ed and Tony, who have strong hopes that this website will be successful in providing interesting news to fans of all northwest football clubs, whilst also giving other football enthusiasts the chance to contribute to the website by inviting them to publish their own news content.

Logo design - inspiration behind this website comes from 1970s Granada TV show "Kick Off"; a regional football news programme which was aired every Friday night. Many of you from the Granada region may well remember it. So our first task was to create a retro-looking, football-themed logo bearing semblence to the TV programme. Read more about our logo design service.

To facilitate a speedy launch, we developed this website using Wordpress.  Time was upon us as the 2020/2021 football season was rapidly coming to a close.  It was apparent that Wordpress would be the ideal platform for as it allows webmasters to create multiple accounts and set permissions accordingly.  This would prove useful for managing multiple authors.  Although the current site was born with humble beginnings, there are a number of further developments planned for this website - and Wordpress will allow for this.

Website features include a Twitter feed (a vital tool for promoting this website) and the inclusion of a feed from Manchester Evening News' website using RSS.  Further features will be introduced as the website grows in content and attracts more traffic.

If you are looking for web design in Chorley, whether it is a new-build or a re-design, please have a look at some of our recent work.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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