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Why we believe we are the best for logo design in the Northwest...

If your company or business is looking for logo design or a re-design, you really should appoint Highpoint Media for the task. We can turn your ideas and rough sketches into a professional logo design suitable for all purposes. Highpoint Media are a highly skilled graphic design agency.

Check out the sketches below that we received from two different customers, and see how we transformed them into something amazing:

1) Full Throttle Motorcycle Solutions


Full Throttle MCS logo design sketch   Full Throttle MCS final logo design
Our client provided us with a rough sketch of a motorcyclist in motion on his motorcycle. The sketched image clearly suggested his business name "Full Throttle".  

We were able to professionally re-draw the client's sketch image and turn it into an impressive & appealling logo. We hand manipulated the text to suggest speed & motion.


2) Ladybridge Pre-School


Ladybridge Pre-School logo design sketch   Ladybridge Pre-School final logo design

Ladybridge Pre-School has been running for over 35 years and had always lacked a good strong logo. Now under new management, our client provided us with a hand-sketched rough image of what she imagined her logo to look like. The request was a tree made of open hands with hand-prints for leaves, all encased within a circle.


We also had specific colour instructions. We provided a few ideas to the client and she fell in love instantly the design. Our client requested that the logo be suitable for clothing embroidery so we only used shapes made of solid colours.


Please contact us to discuss your logo design requirements.

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