Is your website ready for Google's Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update?

From time to time, Google updates its search engine algorithm, in order to ensure that users have access to high quality web content. Google’s latest algorithm update is a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that is set for release on 21st April 2015.

When Google last updated its search engine ranking algorithm (Panda 4.0) in May 2014, several major brands were hard hit and experienced reduced visibility. As a result of the upgrade, eBay lost more than 70% of its best search listings.

What will happen to my site on 21st April if it isn't mobile friendly?

Google anticipates that the effect of this latest update is going to be bigger than Panda. On 21st April websites that have ‘opted-in’ to mobile, will experience improved visibility in mobile search results.

However, if your website is not fully optimized for mobile by 21st April, you will rank poorly in mobile search, and lose out on mobile traffic. When you consider that mobile internet usage now tops PC usage, loss of traffic will mean loss of sales.

Websites that are not mobile friendly often load slowly, and are difficult to navigate. Companies that have not optimized their website for mobile will lose out on the ability to interact with customers. Users will therefore move on, and take their business to the competition.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to get your website mobile ready, otherwise, you are sure to be left behind by the changes that will accompany the 21st April rollout.

Highpoint Media can make your site mobile ready by assessing your preparedness, and making necessary adjustments. We can also set up a quality site that has a responsive design with useful information that Google likes. Being optimized for the small screen will increase conversions, and lead to more revenue in the long term.

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