New TLDs - am I safe to buy one?

Top Level Domain names (TLDs) such as .com, .net, .gov, and .org have been around a long time, but for the first time in many years, new TLDs are making their way to the internet. But why are they being introduced now, and is it safe to buy one?

Why we need new TLDs

The answer is simple, the internet is a lot more crowded now than it was back in the 1980s when the first TLDs hit cyberspace. The demand for internet service wasn’t anywhere near the level it is now. The subsequent high demand in the 1990s and onwards has caused TLDs such as .com and .net to become extremely overcrowded.

Release dates for new TLDs

Beginning in 2013, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) agreed to the launch of a new wave of TLDs. By the end of 2015 more than 600 new TLDs are expected to go live.

Does Google discriminate between standard and new TLDs?>

Since new TLDs started going live in 2013, there has been a serious debate about how they will rank in Google’s search engine. However, Google has made it clear that their mission is to provide users with the most relevant web page results. Consequently, new TLDs will not be given any preference over standard TLDs such as .com. Therefore users are advised not to register a TLD in the hope that it will give them an immediate boost in search engine rankings.

Is it safe to by one?

TLDs are now being sold to whoever is willing to pay the highest. The process is being monitored by ICANN, the non-profit organisation responsible for the maintenance of the internet. These TLDs sell for millions of dollars, so while it is very safe to buy one; it’s very costly to do so.

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