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Check out the latest website to come out of Highpoint Media  -

This was project was that of a total redesign of the previous website, which was first introduced online in 2006. The old site had a number of issues which may never have flagged up back in 2006, but would been seen as a hindrance to UX and SEO nowadays.  For example:

  • The previous site wasn't mobile-friendly - not so much an issue back in 2006 as there were much fewer people were using smartphones to access the internet;
  • Image links for the primary navigation - a big "no, no" nowadays. Thankfully, a huge array of attractive fonts can now be easily embedded into websites;
  • Use of Flash - sadly for many, Flash's heyday is now over, and after December 2020 will no longer be supported at all by all major browsers.
  • Not SEO-friendly - the old site had little barely any meta data in place, no alternative text specified for images, and displayed poor use of headings.

Upon presenting the new website to our client, the response we received was, "Love the new website, thank you so so much! This will be great for my business hereon." The new site boasts a much simpler, modern design which is far easier to navigate, responsive layout to ensure optimum display across all devices, no Flash(!!) and is set up in a search engine friendly manner.

If your website is looking dated and could benefit from a re-design, get in touch with Highpoint Media today.

We are still working through the Covid-19 lock-down

We normally prefer to meet our clients in person, and sit down to discuss the the project details, however, on this occasion all communication was done by phone, WhatsApp and e-mail. if you install "WhatsApp Desktop" onto your PC or laptop, it can be a very useful business communication tool. Nonetheless, we sincerely hope this Covid-19 lock down is brought safely to an end soon, but until then we are still working, and our latest project demonstrates we can still work effectively even at distance.

Stay safe!

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