New website launched for Atlantic Travel

We recently launched a new website for Atlantic Travel in Bolton -, and we're very excited about it. It's fast, easy to navigate and has a good looking design that works well. We've come up with a design that's modern, simple, and offers extensive functionality. Most of all, it has all the information you need to make an informed decision about the right luxury coach to choose, for your travelling requirements across the UK.

The new website is:

  • RESPONSIVE: We've utilised modern technology to make our web pages work well on both small and large screens.  We used a fully responsive design that looks the same whether you are viewing on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.  So, whichever device you are using, you'll still get the functionality of our web pages.
  • ACCESSIBLE: Thanks to our dropdown menu navigation feature, every page on the site is only one click away. It helps you to find your way around the website, and gives it clean lines that make it look attractive and professional.
  • INTERACTIVE:  We've done our best to make it easy to contact us and get the information you need. There is a GET A QUOTE form on every page, which visitors can fill out and Atlantic Travel will instantly receive an email containing details of the enquiry. It's quick, easy, and convenient, and Atlantic Travel been getting a lot of enquiries because of it.
  • SEARCH ENGINGE OPTIMISED: Incorporating geo-targeted landing pages was a key design element, because it helps the website to gain a good presence in search engines for a range of localised searches. Many major towns and cities in the north-west each have an individualised landing page with unique content, and this has dramatically increased organic traffic. So whether you are based in Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Blackburn, Blackpool, or Newcastle, you'll find high quality content just for you.

We are proud of our work, but what do you think? Please post your comments below.

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