Picking the right web designer

Whether you are an existing business with a stale, out-of-date website, or you have been let down by your previous web designer, or if you have a brand new business start up venture that requires a website, Highpoint Media are definitely worth considering.  Here’s five reasons to convince you:

1)      PRICE
We are a relatively small business with low overheads.  As you will know… low overheads = low prices!  Many Manchester-based businesses use our services simply because they don’t wish to pay city prices.

2)      LOCALITY
We are based here in the Northwest, and always will be.  95% of our clients are also based in the Northwest.  We also have a number of clients further afield.  We prefer to meet with our clients face-to-face, keeping the personal touch which, sadly, is often non-existent nowadays.

All our web design work is done from scratch and is bespoke.  We never use templates.  This means your website will be unique to your business and completely different from your competitor’s websites.

4)      QUALITY
Every website designed by Highpoint Media is built with quality in mind.  Using the latest web design technology, we can guarantee that your website will stand out from the rest.  Our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use admin panel will help you maintain top quality as you update your own website.

5)      AFTER-CARE
We have heard numerous complaints and distressing stories over the years from both past & present customers whose web designers neglected them as soon as they got paid and their website went live.  At Highpoint Media, approximately 50% of our daily business is maintenance work on existing websites.  We are here for you at all times.  We are not interested in getting paid and then moving onto someone else – we want your website to remain fresh and relevant throughout the year.

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