Using Facebook social media effectively to promote your business

If you are a business owner looking for an affordable marketing tool, try Facebook. Facebook may seem a bit intimidating at first because it has such a huge audience, but it is a very effective way to reach those people that matter most to your business. Your target market!

Facebook gives you the opportunity to grow your business by allowing you to:

  1. Engage your target market
    If your clients are on Facebook, you have a great opportunity to engage them. You can start off by posting content that they will find valuable and be willing to share, like, or comment on. Remember that regular updates are necessary, as content must be fresh if you want your audience to keep coming back. Also, be sure to make your Page interactive, you can run a competition, or offer deals that your audience will find attractive.
  2. Advertise
    Use the space to create ads that will reach your target audience. You can create different ads for page posts, and also for events. Make sure the ad focuses on your business, and highlights the goods or services you offer. The ad should also have a striking image that will get the attention of your audience, as well as a clear ‘call to action.’  Mounting an effective Facebook ad campaign is a great way to reach the people that are important to your business.
  3. Redirect people to your business website
    The best thing about Facebook is the potential it offers to turn targeted web traffic into customers. Build those links that lead to your website, so that you can convert your Facebook followers into loyal fans, and paying customers.

Facebook marketing works, but you need to know how to work it. You need to make sure that your Facebook page is appealing, your content must be relevant and fresh, and most of all, you need to understand your audience. That’s the only way you’ll be able to give them what they want, and grow your business.

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