Why we don't use WordPress to develop our websites

If you’ve ever done any research into web design, you’ve probably come across Wordpress; it’s one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) on the internet.

One of the biggest reasons that people are drawn to WordPress is that it’s totally free to use. It’s great that such a useful piece of software can be available to everyone at no financial cost, but as with everything free, there are other complications to take into account.

There’s no denying that WordPress is well-loved, but it does have its fair share of flaws. Here at Highpoint Media, we decided to break away from the pack a bit and design our own bespoke CMS. HighpointCMS is fast, secure and incredibly easy to use; allowing our customers to focus on their businesses first and not fiddling around with confusing software.

Reasons we don’t use WordPress

There are a lot of reasons why people choose a bespoke CMS websites over a basic WordPress installation. Here are some of the most common ones we encounter.

1) Security

As one of the leading CMS platforms in use today, WordPress is a pretty big target for hackers. In order to protect your website, you must constantly stay on top of security updates; one missed patch and a cyber criminal could have access to your entire site. This is arguably one of the biggest problems with WordPress; as many as 70% of all WordPress websites may have security flaws that leave them vulnerable to hackers. Because HighpointCMS is completely bespoke it isn’t at risk from the same security flaws as a standard WordPress installation.

2) Ease of use

While WordPress may be financially accessible to everyone, it’s not the simplest piece of software to use. Newbies may struggle to get their heads around the interface and technical jargon involved. It can be pretty easy to mess things up in WordPress if you don’t know what you’re doing and fixing those mistakes can waste valuable hours of productivity. Websites built using our HighpointCMS don’t suffer from this problem; even if you’re brand new to computers you’ll find it easy to navigate. Time is money, after all.

Website speed

The way most WordPress websites add functionality is through plugins. If you need to add a contact form, photo gallery or anything else, there’s a plugin to do that. On the face of things, this seems like a great idea; the problem is that every single plugin you install uses up a little bit of the resources available to keep your website running. In short, if you add too many plugins you’re going to slow your website down to a crawl. We’ve designed HighpointCMS to be as fast as possible so that your site can concentrate on delivering information to your customers at top speeds.


WordPress may have a huge and loyal fanbase, but those who are looking for simplicity, security and speed might be better suited to one of the other options; such as our own in house HighpointCMS.




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