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Take a look at our latest creation - - a CMS, responsive website designed for local artist, Christina Lees.

Christina has been producing glorious paintings for a number of years, and after much encouragement from her family and friends she has decided to publish her work online; and quite rightly too! Most of Christina's paintings are inspired by nature and meaningful places around the world. They are well worth a look at, and if you feel inclined to purchase one, either for yourself or as a gift, just get in touch with Christina via her website.

The website we designed for Christina allows her to upload and manage all her paintings, post information about her upcoming exhibitions, view her incoming enquiries and manage the general page content. Our bespoke admin panels are easy to use, unlike the more mainstream CMS platforms such as Wordpress. Check out our last week's post, 'Why we don't use Wordpress to develop our websites'.


There were two exciting challenges involved in this project for us. Firstly, Christina had expressed a desire to design her own logo, which seemed a very apposite idea; after all, it's not so often we get to create a website for someone who is in the same industry as us - the Creative Sector.   Christina painted her logo on artboard using Gouache, and e-mailed us a digital photo of it.  It was our responsbility to vectorise the logo, while maintaining the 'produced by hand' element.  See the before and after images below:

Logo vectorised from artist's sketch

Our second challenge was the protection of Christina's paintings.  There are numerous horror stories of artists having their work stolen then reproduced abroad and sold in the masses.  We had some lengthy discussions about what could be done to prevent this from happening.  We decided to develop the site so that a watermark is automatically imposed onto any large uploaded images.  With the watermark being semi-transparent and qutie stylish, we found it didn't detract much from the quality of the painting.  This task was a challenge because each uploaded image is resized four times on this particular website.  It was also crucial that the watermark appeared perfectly central on every image.  There was some mathematics involved and strong cups of coffee!

Working through the Covid-19 lock-down

We are normally very excited about meeting our customers in person, and sitting down to discuss the ins and outs of their website.  Thus, it was a shame not to be able to have a face-to-face meeting with our customer on this occasion.  We really hope this Coronavirus lock-down comes safely to an end soon.  In the meantime, we are still working, and this latest project demonstrates that we can still serve you even if we can't see you face-to-face.

Stay safe!

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